Ganesha is going home…


do you remember the hard rain? the one we went through together under one big umbrella that you stole from the office

do you remember the laughter? gossiping about our colleagues and friends

do you remember the dirty jokes that we shared? about girls or boys

do you remember those deadly deadlines I gave you? sorry about that, superior orders!

do you remember the last day we met? and that cake you brought to us

It’s all over now… you’re gone. leaving us all here…

you left us with so many memories… good memories, I must say

your beautiful and contagious smiles, your loud and clear laughter, your fierce yet funny expression, your kind words, your loving attitude, your friendship… you left us with not even a single disappointment. you are the great friend, God sent from above and now He wants you back…

so, go my dear friend… go… there are enough memories that you left us, there are enough lessons that you taught us… it’s time for you to come home…

in every hard rain, I will remember your name

in every raindrop, I will remember our laughter

in every cloudy day, I will remember that you returned home

we missed you already and we’ll always love you…

Rest in Peace Ganesha Aquino Walensa

-October 1st, 2012-


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