the past, the present, and the future collide in one called life

I sit tonight, watching some old movies. I figured that life has been flown away so fast, right in front of my eyes. amazing, isn’t it? how one day you’re 10, try to reach life, imagined how does it feel to be a grown up… on the other day, you’re 26, living the-oh-so-called-grown-ups world, trying to get back to childhood life, trying to get back to the happy old times…

sometimes, I tried to laugh about it. of how things aren’t just as good as I wanted to… instead of regretting, I laughed. but hey, it didn’t work out sometimes… sometimes, we just need to spit it out, we need to shed some tears that came out of our eyes, we need to scream and tell the world we’re not okay!

I admit it, sometimes the world turned out not exactly what I want it to be.often, I thought that this world is against me (some failures triggered it). but then again, if this world is always turning out exactly as I wanted it to be then what’s the point of living?

so now, instead of finding what’s the true meaning of life, I live the life. instead of wanting to be with the person that I love, I respect someone who’s in front of me right now. instead of wishing that my old life would be repeated, I kept them as memories and looking for the present time. the past won’t return, that’s for sure… no matter how happy we thought we were back in the past, I believe that the present time and the future would be as bright as the beacon in the middle of the dark night…

just remember that life has no opposites, so stop try to look for one. you’ll never find it… life is to live on, not to fight on…



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