cheat, everyone?

Cheat! One word, five letters, simple, yet disastrous.

There are plenty forms of a cheat, one of them is mind cheat. Do you know, when somebody has the desire of someone else while having another, is already consider as a cheat? Cheat begins with a simple thing, that is unsatisfied. When one’s unsatisfied with one’s has, then one will begin to seek for another. A simple case is when a woman couldn’t give a son as an heir to her husband, then the husband is “permitted” himself to seek another who could give him one heir. When a boyfriend couldn’t afford what the girl’s need, then the girl would gladly seeking another boy.

I saw two examples of cheating from two different movies. First from the serial Private Practice and another from a movie called The Duchess. From the serial, I found out that with just loving another person while having a relationship with someone else is consider as cheating. Even though nothing happened between the two physically, but the mind is already cheating on the other partner. Even a cheat could begin with a simple e-mail sent to the person that we adore beside our own partner.

The point is, have you ever realize that you’re cheating on your partner? Or worse, you’ve become the object of the cheat itself. I’m not talking about being the victim, but being the one whom someone cheats on, you know what I mean, do you? Well whatever, I believe you understand it. If you asked me, I think, or pretty much sure, that I’ve become the object of a cheat. Not proud of it tho… Never will, I mean at some point people just like this very proud to the object of a cheat, feeling like they’re more than the someone else. Believe me, I’m not… Maybe he could just say that we’re friends,  or brother and sister, but if deep down inside he ever thinks of me outside from those frames, I’m telling you he’s cheating on his partner.

Oh heck, whatever! This is a never ending talk… It’s getting late and I wanna get rid of this silly thinking from my mind. (I’m writing this while listening to Shooting Star, just for your information)

-Tanjung Duren – January 26, 2010-


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