Stephen Gately in memory


sitting here in the morning, in this cold silent office of mine. listening to some numbers that have been stuck inside my heart for the last 15 years of my life… I’m mourning? yes, maybe…

I lost one of my teenage heroes and still is a hero for me until now… his name is Stephen Gately. yes him, the former member of Boyzone, my fav boyband. call me crazy, but it feels like losing one of my family members. I, like any other teenagers back then, was growing up with them. I was crying when I heard the news, I was crying and no shame of me to admit it here. he’s one of many factors that influenced my life and shaping my life, to the life that I live on right now. I will never be able to hear his beautiful high-pitched voice again, live in front of me…

I was a maniac of Boyzone, I knew their songs by heart, I adore their way of life. They’re my inspiration if you could say so. my inspiration to sing, my inspiration to live my life right now. their songs (besides the old song repackaged one) are truly inspirational… live your life, no matter what people may say or think about you… I was there, back in 97, when they held their big concert here. it was like a dream come true to see them perform live before my eyes. I was hoping big, for them to come back here after they announced reunion a year ago, after splitting for almost several years. but, I guess it will never happen again. Steve is gone, forever… and Boyzone will never be the same without him.  if they ever come back again to Indonesia, it still will never be the same…

gosh, how time flew by so fast… died at the age 33, makes me wonder did he ever think to die at the age so young? makes me wonder, what’s gonna happen tomorrow, will I still be here tomorrow? will you still be here tomorrow?

well, I guess it’s time for us to live at our best every single day… no matter what, live your life like there’s no tomorrow… because who knows about tomorrow?

You gave me strength
To stand alone again
To face the world
Out on my own again
You put me high
Upon a pedestal
So high that I could almost see eternity
You needed me
” (You Needed Me-Boyzone)

enjoy the paradise, you’re free now…

you’ll always be in my memory

Stephen Patrick David Gately

(17 March 1976-10 October 2009)



One thought on “Stephen Gately in memory

  1. he’s my favorite member of Boyzone…and of course Boyzone would never be the same without him…he’s the only one who can sing! (well…along with Ronan of course) ;p

    and the world is turning…to a different beat..

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